Natalie Anne Lipnicki-Stuart’s Legal Studies Blog

Hi there! I’m Natalie Anne Lipnicki-Stuart, and welcome to my blog. I’m a Nashville resident who had a brush with the law some years ago and had to learn a lot about important laws as my case moved forward through the legal system. Thankfully, I made it through that ordeal (phew!), but I found that I loved learning about legal topics.

Now, I chronicle many legal issues in various states, not just Tennessee, because I found these blogs so helpful during my own brush with the law. Hopefully you will find the information here helpful if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in a tough legal bind.

Mostly, I detail new laws and legal information that I’ve learned each week. Sometimes I look at a legal topic that has been recently in the news, and sometimes I look up issues that will affect my life, and likely the lives of other Americans like me. We’re all just doing our best to navigate the complex legal world we live in, and I want to help.

Studying the Law Is Important for All

Legal studies is not just something for lawyers and legal professionals; it’s something everyone should partake in. We all must follow the laws of our great nation, but not everyone knows all the laws or the penalties associated with breaking them. Have you ever been pulled over for a traffic violation? Did you even know the penalties associated with the infringement until after you’d been ticketed?

Many people don’t know anything about the laws that govern their lives, and that lack of knowledge can harm you if you aren’t careful. That’s why I created this blog—to educate all Americans on legal issues. Blogs are often easier to understand than the legal information posted to government websites—that’s what I found out anyway!

Areas of Law I Cover

Honestly, I cover all areas of law, but especially family law, workers compensation law, personal injury, criminal, tax law, employment law, and bankruptcy and estate law. I believe that people need websites where they can learn about legal issues that affect their lives, but I try to put it into language that the average person can actually understand.

Why Do I Care About Educating Fellow Americans?

Most of us get into some type of legal trouble at least once in our lives. That’s what happened to me, and I didn’t know where to turn. I learned that if I’d known a little more about the law and the legal system, I might never have been through such a troublesome experience.

You don’t have to go through the same thing I went through, but to avoid legal issues, there’s one thing you can do—educate yourself.

What Types of Legal Issues Am I Most Concerned With?

I care about all legal issues, and I’m not picky about what topics I’ll analyze. If I think that a law or legal issue will affect the average person, I want to tell you about it.

Here are some examples of topics I cover throughout the country:

  • How to Avoid Adding Points to Your Driving Record
  • Can I go to jail for traffic violations?
  • What states have legalized marijuana use?
  • Is Texas tough on drug crimes?
  • Should I partner with a lawyer after an automobile crash in Tennessee?
  • My spouse wants a divorce—what should I do?

Find Answers to Your Legal Questions

Natalie is here for you—the everyday citizen. Legal studies should be for everyone—not just for lawyers.