Not Just Drivers Can Be Responsible for Auto Wrecks

Hello! Natalie here! Welcome back. Today we’re talking about who could have caused your vehicle crash. It’s common for vehicle drivers to automatically believe the other driver was the person who caused the crash and is responsible for paying them back for the expenses and other issues the accident caused in their lives.

I’ve recently learned that there are a lot of other people, organizations, companies, and even government agencies that could be responsible for causing the accident that you were hurt in. Many of these people you may not have even considered! I know I didn’t even think about them before learning this information from a Greenville auto crash attorney, who I was interviewing on the topic earlier this month.

Who Could Be Legally Responsible for the Crash that Injured You?

Yes, it is possible that a driver is the one who caused your crash, and that may be the case for many accidents. However, did you ever think that the government could be liable for your crash and related suffering?

Here’s an example of when the government could be held accountable for your accident:

You are driving down the street when another driver loses control of their vehicle and hits you. What the car crash investigation reveals is that a large pothole forced the driver out of their lane and into yours. Because the government didn’t repair the roads, as they should have, they can be held financially responsible for the accident.

What about auto manufacturers? They’re the ones who design, create, and distribute the vehicles we all drive every day. What if the design is poor? What if the airbags don’t function properly? What if the tires on your car are defective? You absolutely can sue a manufacturer when they have brought about your accident and/or injuries. I sure know I would!

What about private companies, such as construction companies? Yes, they can also be liable for auto wrecks. What if the construction workers didn’t adequately mark their roadwork, which led to your crash?

Here’s another example: Suppose you take your car in to a mechanic and they don’t fix your engine properly, or they make some other mistake that causes your car wreck? Can you sue the mechanic? Of course you can! They have a duty to service your vehicle properly.

The Bottom Line

You get the idea. You can sue any person or organization that has brought about your auto wreck. These people should be held responsible for what they’ve done so that they don’t continue engaging in careless or harmful practices that can cause more car wrecks and injure other people.

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What is Stockbroker Misconduct?

Stockbrokers serve as the bridge between investors and securities. They buy and sell on behalf of their clients in exchange for commissions. Much of their power comes from their knowledge and experience in the industry. They are uniquely positioned to provide clients with financial advice, giving them tremendous influence on what happens in the markets. Sometimes they are also given discretionary control of investment funds, which allows them to act directly as they wish. This power can be abused to the detriment of their clients and the stock market as a whole.

Types of Misconduct

What is stockbroker misconduct? Well, it can take several different forms. Brokers might recommend unsuitable investments that lead to bankruptcy. They might also misrepresent or omit facts to convince clients that they should pick one thing over another. Whether fraudulent or negligent, the result is the same.

They can be held liable for the resulting losses. Those who have direct control of investments might also engage in excessive trading to rack up a large amount in commissions. They might also trade without permission or fail to follow explicit instructions. Some even try to steal their client’s money through fraud and forgery.

How Widespread Is It?

All of these points should not scare away people who would like to invest in the stock market. It is still, after all, one of the best ways to grow funds over a period of time. There are only a few bad eggs, according to various studies conducted on the subject. Estimates vary due to different methodologies, ranging from 1.3 to 7.8 percent of past and current brokers. The low estimate is for individuals who have been associated with settlements and awards that go beyond a certain amount. The high figure is for those who have financial conduct disclosures that also include customer complaints.

How Can It Be Avoided?

Misconduct can lead to devastating results for the victims. It is vital for investors to vet their candidates before choosing a stockbroker. There are tools that can help in the evaluation of these professionals, although they could use some improvements. For example, it may be possible to check complaints filed against them in the past.

It was also found that those who were registered in multiple states tend to have a higher incidence rate of fraud. People should also be mindful about the brokerage firms that they engage with. When brokers are fired due to misconduct, they tend to switch workplaces. Some companies hire more of these than others.

What Can Victims Do?

Victims can lose their life savings and significant portions of their wealth because of stockbroker misconduct. This could leave them vulnerable, especially after retirement. These professionals have a responsibility to serve their clients well. If they violated this trust, then they could be liable for the losses. A lawsuit can be launched to get compensation through awards or settlements. Hire an experienced stockbroker misconduct lawyer to help you build your case and get fast results. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss the details.

How Does an Injury Lawyer Help a Client?

After a serious injury, recovering can be difficult. You’re stuck dealing with a major injury, and now you’re worried about paying for it. You shouldn’t have to pay for it, though, when someone else caused all your suffering. So, what can you do?

You need a personal injury lawyer, but you may not be sure how they work and what they can do to help.

If you’re concerned about your injury claim, and you want to ensure you get the help you need—reach out for a lawyer’s help. They can review how they can help and get your case on the right track.

Finding a Claim’s Worth

First, you’ll need to know what your claim is worth before you ever head to court. You’ll want to get the full compensation you deserve, not just a portion of it; a lawyer can make sure you get the full worth of your claim. That means figuring both your economic and non-economic damages.

Your economic damage should cover your financial losses, such as your medical bills, lost income, and property damages because of the accident. These are typically easier to calculate.

Non-economic damages are more complex because they’re intangible. These damages for your pain and suffering may require resources your personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach will have to find their worth.

Understanding the Law

You’ll also have to ensure that your claim is ready for court. If you make a mistake, it could cost you your claim, leaving you to struggle with less compensation than you deserve or no compensation at all.

To illustrate, your claim has a time limit. You need to act within four years of the injury, otherwise your claim will be dismissed. That leaves you with no compensation for your losses.

Pay attention to whether they’re accusing you of being partially at fault, too. If they successfully claim that you were partly at fault for the accident, and you don’t fight back, your compensation will be reduced. A lawyer can help make sure you get the full worth of your claim.

Fighting Back in Court

Once you’ve prepared your claim, it’s time to prepare for your day in court and your fight against the responsible party. Unfortunately, that can be tough without a lawyer.

If you chose to defend your claim alone, you might have to deal with the pain and suffering from your injuries while also presenting evidence and arguing for your claim.

With a lawyer, you may not even need to take your claim to court. In some cases, they may be able to negotiate with the insurance company to get you the full settlement you deserve. Fortunately, if you do head to court, your lawyer can fight back for you. That way, you can rest and focus on your recovery, not on juggling your claim.  

Seek a Settlement or Compensation with a Lawyer

Dealing with a personal injury claim isn’t easy and dealing with it alone can be even worse. You need legal guidance to get through your difficult situation, and a lawyer can provide that help. If you’re struggling with your claim, they can be an asset throughout the process.

When you’re injured, you need to get the funds and the time required to recover. You’ll need to fight back as soon as possible to make this happen and without a lawyer, this can be especially difficult. So, if you’re concerned about your case, reach out to an attorney to help you recover from your injuries.

North Carolina Workers Compensation Timeline

An on-the-job injury can leave you suffering for months or years after your accident. It’s a painful time, but fortunately, you know that you’re eligible for workers compensation. So, when can you expect your benefits?

Fortunately, North Carolina makes getting your workers comp benefits as simple and streamlined as possible. Make sure you’re meeting your deadlines, and your workers comp timeline should be short and simple. That way, you can focus on recovery, not on waiting around for your benefits.

Reporting Your Injury

First, after your injury, you’ll need to report the accident and let your employer know that you’ll be seeking workers comp benefits for your injuries. This report serves two purposes: notifying your employer and showing that your injury was caused by the accident.

In North Carolina, you’re required to report your injury and file within 30 days of the accident. If you wait, your workers comp claim may be denied. That leaves you handling all the bills for your claim without your benefits.

Unfortunately, even if you act in time, the insurance company may use that against you. They may claim that, because there was a delay, your injury and the accident may not be connected. So, acting as soon as possible can prevent any denials from the insurance provider.

Your Employer’s Deadline

Fortunately, once you’ve reported your work accident, you should be able to rest and recover while your employer handles your claim. Once you file, they’ll need to file the paperwork with the North Carolina Industrial Commission, so you can get your compensation.

If they don’t act in time, you’ll need to file the correct paperwork yourself. A Fayetteville workers comp attorney can help make sure you’ve filed properly.

Act When Your Claim is Denied

Once you’ve filed your claim, you shouldn’t have to wait long for your compensation answer. Unfortunately, you might be denied your compensation, and you should receive answers to why you were denied within two weeks.

This letter will give all reasons you were denied, which helps you recover. When you know what to expect, you’ll be able to appeal your denial and seek the workers comp benefits you need. Fortunately, you’ll have two years to appeal your claim. So, if you’re denied but you’re struggling with the paperwork or with finding evidence, you’ll have some time to seek what you need for your recovery.

Meeting All Your Deadlines

Unfortunately, it can be tough to act on time for your workers comp claim. You’re seriously injured, and you might have been unable to file for some time after your accident. That means you might be pushing your deadlines. If you don’t act, you might be left without compensation.

If you’re struggling with your workers comp timeline, you’ll need help. A lawyer will understand your timeline and what you need to do to act on time. It can be tough to fight back alone, but the right attorney can help get the workers comp benefits you need.

So, if you believe your deadlines are coming up quickly, reach out for help. That way, you can keep your timeline short and manageable.

Understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

When you’re concerned about your company’s actions, you’ll need to understand exactly what you’re dealing with. If they’re doing something that could hurt you or your career, it’s important to fight back. However, if you don’t understand the laws and statutes in place that are affected by their actions, it’s tough to know when and whether to file.

As such, you might believe that your company could be violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, but you’re not sure. You need answers about this act and what could happen if you don’t fight back. So, seek out help from a FCPA whistleblower attorney if you’re concerned about your company’s actions.

Purposes of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

First, what if the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or the FCPA? This act was passed in 1977 to stop the bribing of foreign officials to protect or begin business with them. This includes any payments or promises to pay that would affect the normal course of business.

Typically, the Department of Justice oversees these types of violations. Because these are international disputes, it can be complex to file. If you see this violation type occurring, however, you do have the power to submit a tip. Because a tip can protect fair practices, anyone who might be aware of their actions should be able to submit a tip about a violation.

Violations of the FCPA

So, what counts as a violation of the FCPA? Generally, making a deal with a foreign official to secure certain benefits should be stopped. These business deals should be transparent and secure, and bribes affect that.

So, let’s say a business wanted to open a branch in another country. The official they speak to isn’t completely on board with the idea, so the business offers the official a new car or other monetary benefit to allow it. Any sort of payments in this line are illegal, and the SEC will need to know about it.

Your Rights Are Protected

Unfortunately, many people don’t come forward about their company’s violations for one reason: fear. They’re not sure how their employment might fare, and they of course need their money to live. They may fear that, by submitting a tip, they could face harassment, firing, or other losses.

Fortunately, your lawyer can help. A tip can be completely anonymous, which protects you from your employer’s backlash. You shouldn’t be punished for doing the right thing, and a good lawyer will help you keep your job or take action if you’ve been fired because of your tip.

A Lawyer Can Help You Report

Understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act can be difficult, but there’s one thing you may already understand. You understand that your employer has done an unethical thing, and those actions shouldn’t be ignored.

So, when you believe your employer has committed an FCPA violation, reach out for help. You might be sure that something suspicious is going on, but you don’t have all the evidence you need to prove that. You need help determining what they did and how a lawyer can fight back.

Keeping businesses as transparent as possible, so when a business commits such a serious violation, that should be punished. So, reach out for a whistleblower attorney, who can help you determine whether you have a strong tip and whether the SEC should investigate.

Reasons to Get a Marriage Annulled in PA

Not all marriages last. In fact, some are void from the beginning. Individuals who want their marriage declared invalid must file a case in court. It can only be annulled if the situation satisfies one or more of the established legal grounds. These can vary from state to state. The following are the reasons to get a marriage annulled in PA.

Below Minimum Age

Since this is a serious matter, those who are making the commitment must have the capacity to form wise and mature decisions. Most jurisdictions set a minimum age requirement for the protection of minors. In Pennsylvania, the parties in a marriage must be at least 16 years of age. If one or both are younger than this, then the whole thing can be declared void. The only exception is if it can be proven that the court has authorized the marriage.

Lack of Parental Consent

Those who are between 16 and 17 years old must get the consent of a parent or guardian before getting married. Another option is to obtain the express approval of a court. They should also ratify the marriage once they turn 18. If one or both parties fail to do these, then it is possible for the marriage to be declared void. The action for annulment must be filed within sixty days of the wedding ceremony.

Under Substance Influence

Parties entering marriage should be of sound mind. Since judgment can be clouded by the influence of drugs or alcohol, such can be used as a reason for annulment. Again, the petition must be filed within sixty days or else the court may no longer entertain it.

Incurable Impotence

Pennsylvania law considers procreation as essential to family life. As such, couples that cannot have children of their own due to the impotency of either party can seek an annulment. The impotency must be natural and incurable for the court to grant the petition. This health condition should also be unknown to the other party before the marriage. Medical records will be crucial.

Fraud or Coercion

People should enter marriage out of their own free will and with all the right information. Annulment can be pursued if fraud or coercion was involved. The same is true if a party made the decision to get married under duress or force that is attributable to the other party. There should also be no voluntary cohabitation after the fraud was exposed or the effects of coercion has been lifted.

If you would like to learn more about this subject, then talk to an annulment and divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania. Provide the details of your situation so that they can provide specific legal advice.



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Grounds for Annulment in PA –

To-Do List After a Car Accident

One minute, you’re driving along, off to work or to finish some important errands. Now, you’ve been hit, and you’re a little confused and overwhelmed. You’ve suffered some serious injuries, and your car is damaged. So, what’s your next step?

When you’ve been in a car accident, you’ll need to take several steps to protect your claim and ensure you’re getting the full settlement you need to recover. Fortunately, by following this list and speaking to a Bronx auto accident lawyer, you can get your car crash handled quickly and safely.

Alert the Right People

In the wake of an accident, you’ll need help on the scene as soon as possible. If you can move the vehicles out of the road, it’s best to do this, but otherwise, you’ll need to call the police if anyone is injured or killed, or if the damage is extensive. If you believe either car may be totaled, be sure to contact the police.

You’ll also need to notify your insurance company as soon as possible. If they have any benefits, such as rental cars, you can get help right away. If not, they’ll need to know about the accident to file a claim and get you on the road to compensation.

Don’t Admit to Fault

While you may be in a “no-fault” state, you’ll still need to protect yourself from fault for the accident. If your claim goes to court and you’re found even partially at fault for your accident, your compensation could suffer for it.

So, when speaking to the police or the insurers, take care not to take any of the blame for the accident. Even if the other person was at fault for the accident, any indication that you were at fault for the accident could lower the compensation you receive. So, be prepared to fight back against accusations of fault.

Reach Out to a Lawyer

After your injury, you’ll need help recovering. While these first steps are vital, you’ll also need legal counsel to deal with your injuries. Fortunately, a car accident attorney is there to help you through your car accident.

Once you’ve made it through your first steps, you’ll then need to take other steps, such as finding the true worth of your damages and fighting back when you’re accused of negligence. So, reach out for help before you file, so you can get the maximum compensation you need for your crash.

Sexual Abuse: Compensation Through Civil Claims

When you’ve suffered through sexual abuse, you just want to recover and overcome the pain and suffering someone inflicted on you. Unfortunately, that can be difficult. You’re suffering from severe trauma, you’re injured, and now you’re dealing with the expenses that come with that. It can become overwhelming quickly.

However, you don’t have to pay for the damage they caused. Instead, you can fight back and get the compensation you deserve. This can be a little complex, however. You’re struggling to overcome your situation, but you’re also unfamiliar with the laws that will affect your claim. That’s why you’ll need a lawyer’s help.

When you’re injured, you’ll need help with your recovery. Fortunately, lawyers like the attorneys at Lane & Lane, LLC help sex abuse victims get the compensation they deserve. Reach out to these attorneys for the help you need after sexual abuse.

Criminal Cases and Civil Suits

First, you might be unsure that you can file a claim. You know your abuser has already been tried in criminal court, which means they can’t be tried again, right? So, many people take that as the end of their claim. Fortunately, you can fight for compensation.

While they might have been tried in criminal court, they likely haven’t been sued, which is part of the civil court system. A criminal trial is focused on one thing: determining whether the person is guilty of the crime and charging them appropriately.

A civil case, however, can award you compensation for your suffering. These claims are meant to compensate the victim of an injury for their suffering. While the criminal trial must be concluded before you can seek compensation, you will be able to file a claim against the responsible party.

Compensation Offered for Sexual Abuse

After your experience, you’ll need to seek both economic and “noneconomic damages,” which should cover all expenses related to your experiences. For example, your economic damages might include any damage they did to your possessions during the abuse, and they should cover any injuries you suffered.

Unfortunately, the damage sex abuse can do is not always physical. In many cases, you might suffer mentally for the experience they put you through. Many victims of sexual abuse suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which can affect your quality of life and make it difficult to recover. You deserve compensation for both types of damages.

If you’re not sure what your claim is worth, speak to a lawyer. When you’re sexually abused, you deserve compensation for any damages you’ve suffered, which could include any of the following serious damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

How a Lawyer Can Help

Dealing with sexual assault can be difficult financially, emotionally, and legally. You’ve been injured by another person, and now you’re going to need compensation, but you’re not sure how to get that compensation.

Fortunately, sex abuse victims do have the option to recover for their suffering. If you’ve been injured by someone, seek out the compensation you deserve with the help of a lawyer. You’ll need to protect your claim and get the full compensation you deserve, and a lawyer can help with that.

Also, you’re already struggling with the aftermath of a traumatic event and trying to recover. It’s difficult to juggle a lawsuit and your recovery, so seek out the help of an attorney and get your claim handled today.

California State Bicycle Laws

Bicycles are subject to rules and regulations like any vehicle, and these are specified in the California Vehicle Code containing relevant state laws. Whether you are riding a bike on the road or the sidewalk, you will have to adhere to relevant laws so if there is an accident, you will not be liable for damages; generally speaking, cyclists have similar rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles. As laws vary from state to state, we are presently looking at California bicycle laws that cover where to ride, how to ride, riding under the influence, helmet laws, bike requirements, and operating a bike.

Where to Ride

Clearly, one of the most important aspects of California bicycle laws involve where you and can and cannot ride. A general rule of thumb is that if you are moving as fast as the traffic, you can ride where you like; if you are moving slower than the traffic, you can ride in the right lane. According to law, bike riders must ride as closely to the right side of the road as is safe and practical. The following exceptions to remaining as far over on the right side of the road include when you are passing, avoiding a hazard, if the lane is too narrow, turning left, or about to turn right if one is authorized.

The Bicycle Lane

If you are on a roadway with a bike lane and are traveling slower than the traffic, you are legally required to use the bike lane, except for under the aforementioned circumstances.

Riding with Traffic

Riders must travel with the natural traffic flow. They must use the right side of the roadway and be going in the same direction as the traffic flow. The exceptions to this rule are when they are passing, making a left turn, if the road is too narrow, on a one-way street, or if the right side of the roadway is under construction or closed.

Mopeds and Electric Bikes

Mopeds and electric bikes are high speed and do not fall under the same category as regular bicycles do. Type-3 electric bikes and gas-powered bikes are not permitted on bicycle paths or trails, unless it is specifically authorized by local authorities. They are permitted on separated bikeways next to the roadway or in bike lanes. They require their operators to be wearing a helmet and cannot be operated by anyone under the age of 16. Type-1 and 2 low-speed electric bikes are viewed as similar to regular bikes so are permitted where regular bikes are, unless there is a posted sign specifically prohibiting electric bikes.

If you were riding your bike in the state of California in complete adherence to California bicycle laws and sustained an injury due to the actions of someone operating a motor vehicle or another cyclist, contact an attorney who helps injured cyclists.

Holding a Doctor Responsible for Medical Malpractice

Doctors present themselves as highly trained medical professionals. In turn, patients trust their judgment with regards to their health and wellbeing. However, sometimes things go awry and people become worse off than before. The trust is breached and patients are understandably unhappy with the results. Some are perhaps thinking about holding a doctor responsible for medical malpractice. Before doing this, brush up with the law with the help of an astute legal eagle. Get a lawyer who handles medical negligence cases for the best advice and representation. Among the errors that can lead to a lawsuit are:    

Wrong Diagnosis

The correct diagnosis of an ailment is crucial as it will become the basis of all future actions. Doctors are expected to investigate all the signs and symptoms presented by the patient. If they cannot make a definite conclusion, then they can order additional tests to remove all doubts. It can be difficult since many illnesses have overlapping symptoms but they should be skilled and experienced enough to be able to make a proper diagnosis given their training.

Wrong Treatment

Finding out the root cause of the problem does not guarantee that the patient will receive the right treatment. Doctors can still get it wrong when it comes to the dosage. If it is too little, then the medication might not be effective. If it is too much, then the drugs might overwhelm the body and trigger complications. Sometimes they might even prescribe the wrong medication altogether. This can have grave consequences on the health of their patients.  

Unreasonable Delay

Doctors could also face a lawsuit based on unreasonable delay in the treatment of a medical condition. If the problem has already been diagnosed, then there is no excuse for sitting on it while the patient suffers. Health issues have a way of causing elevated stress and anxiety. Immediate treatment can help ease minds and nip the problem in the bud. Delays, on the other hand, may allow the condition to get worse with time. If the physician does not act on the case for an unreasonable period, then their negligence can put a person’s life in danger.

Lack of Informed Consent

It is not just medical errors which can be the basis of malpractice. Increasingly, people are suing doctors for lack of informed consent. This happens when the consequences of a certain treatment is not explained well enough for the patient to make an informed decision. Individuals should know what they are getting into when they sign consent forms and it is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure this.

Surgical Errors

Surgeries are sensitive operations requiring care and precision. Unfortunately, it is also prone to errors. Mistakes can be costly as they can lead to excessive bleeding, complications, and even death. Sometimes, surgical tools, gauze, and other objects are left inside the patient’s body causing pain and infections. There are even cases wherein surgeries are performed even if they are not needed.

Medical malpractice laws have been enacted to protect people from all these and more. They are designed to prevent negligent practice by forcing doctors to be more diligent in everything that they do. The laws are also meant to provide fair and adequate compensation to patients who have been wronged by medical professionals.