Not Just Drivers Can Be Responsible for Auto Wrecks

Hello! Natalie here! Welcome back. Today we’re talking about who could have caused your vehicle crash. It’s common for vehicle drivers to automatically believe the other driver was the person who caused the crash and is responsible for paying them back for the expenses and other issues the accident caused in their lives.

I’ve recently learned that there are a lot of other people, organizations, companies, and even government agencies that could be responsible for causing the accident that you were hurt in. Many of these people you may not have even considered! I know I didn’t even think about them before learning this information from a Greenville auto crash attorney, who I was interviewing on the topic earlier this month.

Who Could Be Legally Responsible for the Crash that Injured You?

Yes, it is possible that a driver is the one who caused your crash, and that may be the case for many accidents. However, did you ever think that the government could be liable for your crash and related suffering?

Here’s an example of when the government could be held accountable for your accident:

You are driving down the street when another driver loses control of their vehicle and hits you. What the car crash investigation reveals is that a large pothole forced the driver out of their lane and into yours. Because the government didn’t repair the roads, as they should have, they can be held financially responsible for the accident.

What about auto manufacturers? They’re the ones who design, create, and distribute the vehicles we all drive every day. What if the design is poor? What if the airbags don’t function properly? What if the tires on your car are defective? You absolutely can sue a manufacturer when they have brought about your accident and/or injuries. I sure know I would!

What about private companies, such as construction companies? Yes, they can also be liable for auto wrecks. What if the construction workers didn’t adequately mark their roadwork, which led to your crash?

Here’s another example: Suppose you take your car in to a mechanic and they don’t fix your engine properly, or they make some other mistake that causes your car wreck? Can you sue the mechanic? Of course you can! They have a duty to service your vehicle properly.

The Bottom Line

You get the idea. You can sue any person or organization that has brought about your auto wreck. These people should be held responsible for what they’ve done so that they don’t continue engaging in careless or harmful practices that can cause more car wrecks and injure other people.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see you in my next blog post!