North Carolina Workers Compensation Timeline

An on-the-job injury can leave you suffering for months or years after your accident. It’s a painful time, but fortunately, you know that you’re eligible for workers compensation. So, when can you expect your benefits?

Fortunately, North Carolina makes getting your workers comp benefits as simple and streamlined as possible. Make sure you’re meeting your deadlines, and your workers comp timeline should be short and simple. That way, you can focus on recovery, not on waiting around for your benefits.

Reporting Your Injury

First, after your injury, you’ll need to report the accident and let your employer know that you’ll be seeking workers comp benefits for your injuries. This report serves two purposes: notifying your employer and showing that your injury was caused by the accident.

In North Carolina, you’re required to report your injury and file within 30 days of the accident. If you wait, your workers comp claim may be denied. That leaves you handling all the bills for your claim without your benefits.

Unfortunately, even if you act in time, the insurance company may use that against you. They may claim that, because there was a delay, your injury and the accident may not be connected. So, acting as soon as possible can prevent any denials from the insurance provider.

Your Employer’s Deadline

Fortunately, once you’ve reported your work accident, you should be able to rest and recover while your employer handles your claim. Once you file, they’ll need to file the paperwork with the North Carolina Industrial Commission, so you can get your compensation.

If they don’t act in time, you’ll need to file the correct paperwork yourself. A Fayetteville workers comp attorney can help make sure you’ve filed properly.

Act When Your Claim is Denied

Once you’ve filed your claim, you shouldn’t have to wait long for your compensation answer. Unfortunately, you might be denied your compensation, and you should receive answers to why you were denied within two weeks.

This letter will give all reasons you were denied, which helps you recover. When you know what to expect, you’ll be able to appeal your denial and seek the workers comp benefits you need. Fortunately, you’ll have two years to appeal your claim. So, if you’re denied but you’re struggling with the paperwork or with finding evidence, you’ll have some time to seek what you need for your recovery.

Meeting All Your Deadlines

Unfortunately, it can be tough to act on time for your workers comp claim. You’re seriously injured, and you might have been unable to file for some time after your accident. That means you might be pushing your deadlines. If you don’t act, you might be left without compensation.

If you’re struggling with your workers comp timeline, you’ll need help. A lawyer will understand your timeline and what you need to do to act on time. It can be tough to fight back alone, but the right attorney can help get the workers comp benefits you need.

So, if you believe your deadlines are coming up quickly, reach out for help. That way, you can keep your timeline short and manageable.