Reasons to Get a Marriage Annulled in PA

Not all marriages last. In fact, some are void from the beginning. Individuals who want their marriage declared invalid must file a case in court. It can only be annulled if the situation satisfies one or more of the established legal grounds. These can vary from state to state. The following are the reasons to get a marriage annulled in PA.

Below Minimum Age

Since this is a serious matter, those who are making the commitment must have the capacity to form wise and mature decisions. Most jurisdictions set a minimum age requirement for the protection of minors. In Pennsylvania, the parties in a marriage must be at least 16 years of age. If one or both are younger than this, then the whole thing can be declared void. The only exception is if it can be proven that the court has authorized the marriage.

Lack of Parental Consent

Those who are between 16 and 17 years old must get the consent of a parent or guardian before getting married. Another option is to obtain the express approval of a court. They should also ratify the marriage once they turn 18. If one or both parties fail to do these, then it is possible for the marriage to be declared void. The action for annulment must be filed within sixty days of the wedding ceremony.

Under Substance Influence

Parties entering marriage should be of sound mind. Since judgment can be clouded by the influence of drugs or alcohol, such can be used as a reason for annulment. Again, the petition must be filed within sixty days or else the court may no longer entertain it.

Incurable Impotence

Pennsylvania law considers procreation as essential to family life. As such, couples that cannot have children of their own due to the impotency of either party can seek an annulment. The impotency must be natural and incurable for the court to grant the petition. This health condition should also be unknown to the other party before the marriage. Medical records will be crucial.

Fraud or Coercion

People should enter marriage out of their own free will and with all the right information. Annulment can be pursued if fraud or coercion was involved. The same is true if a party made the decision to get married under duress or force that is attributable to the other party. There should also be no voluntary cohabitation after the fraud was exposed or the effects of coercion has been lifted.

If you would like to learn more about this subject, then talk to an annulment and divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania. Provide the details of your situation so that they can provide specific legal advice.



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