Sexual Abuse: Compensation Through Civil Claims

When you’ve suffered through sexual abuse, you just want to recover and overcome the pain and suffering someone inflicted on you. Unfortunately, that can be difficult. You’re suffering from severe trauma, you’re injured, and now you’re dealing with the expenses that come with that. It can become overwhelming quickly.

However, you don’t have to pay for the damage they caused. Instead, you can fight back and get the compensation you deserve. This can be a little complex, however. You’re struggling to overcome your situation, but you’re also unfamiliar with the laws that will affect your claim. That’s why you’ll need a lawyer’s help.

When you’re injured, you’ll need help with your recovery. Fortunately, lawyers like the attorneys at Lane & Lane, LLC help sex abuse victims get the compensation they deserve. Reach out to these attorneys for the help you need after sexual abuse.

Criminal Cases and Civil Suits

First, you might be unsure that you can file a claim. You know your abuser has already been tried in criminal court, which means they can’t be tried again, right? So, many people take that as the end of their claim. Fortunately, you can fight for compensation.

While they might have been tried in criminal court, they likely haven’t been sued, which is part of the civil court system. A criminal trial is focused on one thing: determining whether the person is guilty of the crime and charging them appropriately.

A civil case, however, can award you compensation for your suffering. These claims are meant to compensate the victim of an injury for their suffering. While the criminal trial must be concluded before you can seek compensation, you will be able to file a claim against the responsible party.

Compensation Offered for Sexual Abuse

After your experience, you’ll need to seek both economic and “noneconomic damages,” which should cover all expenses related to your experiences. For example, your economic damages might include any damage they did to your possessions during the abuse, and they should cover any injuries you suffered.

Unfortunately, the damage sex abuse can do is not always physical. In many cases, you might suffer mentally for the experience they put you through. Many victims of sexual abuse suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which can affect your quality of life and make it difficult to recover. You deserve compensation for both types of damages.

If you’re not sure what your claim is worth, speak to a lawyer. When you’re sexually abused, you deserve compensation for any damages you’ve suffered, which could include any of the following serious damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

How a Lawyer Can Help

Dealing with sexual assault can be difficult financially, emotionally, and legally. You’ve been injured by another person, and now you’re going to need compensation, but you’re not sure how to get that compensation.

Fortunately, sex abuse victims do have the option to recover for their suffering. If you’ve been injured by someone, seek out the compensation you deserve with the help of a lawyer. You’ll need to protect your claim and get the full compensation you deserve, and a lawyer can help with that.

Also, you’re already struggling with the aftermath of a traumatic event and trying to recover. It’s difficult to juggle a lawsuit and your recovery, so seek out the help of an attorney and get your claim handled today.