To-Do List After a Car Accident

One minute, you’re driving along, off to work or to finish some important errands. Now, you’ve been hit, and you’re a little confused and overwhelmed. You’ve suffered some serious injuries, and your car is damaged. So, what’s your next step?

When you’ve been in a car accident, you’ll need to take several steps to protect your claim and ensure you’re getting the full settlement you need to recover. Fortunately, by following this list and speaking to a Bronx auto accident lawyer, you can get your car crash handled quickly and safely.

Alert the Right People

In the wake of an accident, you’ll need help on the scene as soon as possible. If you can move the vehicles out of the road, it’s best to do this, but otherwise, you’ll need to call the police if anyone is injured or killed, or if the damage is extensive. If you believe either car may be totaled, be sure to contact the police.

You’ll also need to notify your insurance company as soon as possible. If they have any benefits, such as rental cars, you can get help right away. If not, they’ll need to know about the accident to file a claim and get you on the road to compensation.

Don’t Admit to Fault

While you may be in a “no-fault” state, you’ll still need to protect yourself from fault for the accident. If your claim goes to court and you’re found even partially at fault for your accident, your compensation could suffer for it.

So, when speaking to the police or the insurers, take care not to take any of the blame for the accident. Even if the other person was at fault for the accident, any indication that you were at fault for the accident could lower the compensation you receive. So, be prepared to fight back against accusations of fault.

Reach Out to a Lawyer

After your injury, you’ll need help recovering. While these first steps are vital, you’ll also need legal counsel to deal with your injuries. Fortunately, a car accident attorney is there to help you through your car accident.

Once you’ve made it through your first steps, you’ll then need to take other steps, such as finding the true worth of your damages and fighting back when you’re accused of negligence. So, reach out for help before you file, so you can get the maximum compensation you need for your crash.